Havoline High Mileage 10w-30

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Jan 7, 2003
I'm surprised the "High Mileage Oil" fans haven't tried this one. It is a good 75 cents to a buck cheeper (at least at the store near me) than the Castrol, Valvoline and Pennz high mileage offerings. I think the Havoline HM was $1.80/qt. Heck, thats only 20 cents more than the Wally World HM 10w-30. Anyone here tried the Havoline HM or plan to?
I tend to view the HM oils as 2 distinct categories, the heavy weights & the standard weights. In the 10W-30 grade, the heavies are Chevron/Havoline, Citgo Ultralife, and Pennzoil HM. These oils run 83 cSt at 40C & 12 cSt at 100C. Good oils for noisy engines or slight oil consumption problems. Mobil DC, Castrol, & Maxlife are the standard weight oils. All the HM oils have extra detergent adds and seal conditioners.
Originally posted by GROUCHO MARX: What store was it in, Mike?
Advance Auto. I wish I had stopped at that store before I purchased the Supertech Syn Blend HM 10w-30 that I put in my dads '96 Taurus today.
Kragen here in SoCal has a sale on Chevron High Mileage - which may be basically the same thing - for $1.50 per quart with a coupon. I think it may end tomorrow (June 26), but I'm not certain. Kragens here seem to stock both Chevron and Havoline products, and IIRC the Havoline oils are a bit (~20 cents/qt) more expensive.
I like the Havoline HM in a 10w30. I used it in a high mileage 93 Mazda 626 - 150k. It seems to have eliminated much of the clicking that I get on startup, and the valve clatter that occurs when I haven't driven the car for a few days.
Both the Chevron and Havoline HM data sheets read the same, except for TBN. A .1 difference in TBN is of minor significance in the performance of the oils, yet must exist for a reason. Chevron HM Oils Product Data Havoline HM OIls Product Data I like the looks of the Chevron HM oil, as it is a very traditional light, golden honey color - not dark, as some oils are. Havoline HM users, what does the oil look like?
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