Havoline(Equilon) Good or bad?

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Sep 5, 2002
I've read in the posts that the Havoline/Chevron oil is pretty good dino oil, but what about the Equilon oil. What are it's roots and is it as good as Chevron?
With all the mergers and changes, today you don't know what you're getting. If you check the Havoline site you will find that Havoline and Chevron Supreme are the same as far as specs go. How is it legal to sell another oil with the same brand name and different specs as is apparently the case with Havoline/Equilon?
believe it or not, the equilon IMHO, is a better oil in that, it is a true PAO according to their MSDS sheet. chevron's MSDS for the Texaco branded syn made by them says its either a PAO or ISOSYN or both. however, the equilon version is becoming rarer and rarer as the chevron made version is being sold here in the atlanta area now, atleast. however, a few stores still do have equilon made havoline syn. whereas, others dont.
Brand names are bought and sold like any other business asset. There is no legal problem with the product as long as it meets the spec on the label, and I'm sure that the Havoline oils, whether made by Texaco, the Equillon joint venture of Shell & Texaco, or ChevronTexaco have always matched their label.

What do you thing about Kendall being a brand of ConocoPhillips? Or that 76 used to be a brand of Union Oil/Unocal, then sold to Tosco, then sold to ConocoPhillips? Pennzoil and Quaker State are now brands owned by Royal Dutch Shell. It goes on and on....

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