Havoline & Chevron

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The only difference between Havoline and Chevron is the 5w-30. The Havoline ccs is 5300 at -30. The Chevron is 6300 at -30. I called Chevron about this. I thought it might be a typo. He (Chevron) said "it looks like the Havoline 5w-30 is a better cold weather oil than the Chevron"
Since only one digit is at variance, and since it's the next digit on the keypad, I still wouldn't discount the possibility that the discrepency is a typo.
I think it is a typo also. I think the Havoline should read 6300 ccs at -30.
We have them here in MN. 5w-30 has a pour point of -60f. It is only $3.99/qrt. It is probably a group 3, but still with stats like that, who cares what group it is.
Is there something bad about the HAVOLINE SYNTHETIC from EQUILON? I'm using the 5W-40 in my Ford Van and don't plan to push the miles with it. Is Moly an issue in the oil? Thanks. Ron [freaknout]
Ron, likely good oil. Folks here are still arguing on whether or not it's right and proper to call a lube made from Group III base stock a synthetic, and don't look into them very deeply. (Don't ask me, I just go along to get along.) Equillon is no more, so your next Havoline will be a ChevronTexaco product and a somewhat different product. Ken [ January 27, 2003, 05:54 PM: Message edited by: Ken2 ]
Now I am wondering what the new Havoline syntheic is like. I was in Auto Zone today, and they have it there, it had Chevron Texaco, on the bottle. And at only $3.29 a Qt. it seemed pretty cheap. Does anyone know yet if it is a good one or not?
I wish we knew for sure if the new Havoline is actually identical in every way to the Chevron Supreme. Chevron sounds like great oil, but Havoline is a little more available in my area. Has anyone done an analysis on ChevronTexaco Havoline dino?
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