Havoline and chevron

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Dec 9, 2003
Ive heard on the site that havoline oil is the same as chevon supreme. Is the trop artic the same stuff also. Reason i ask i think there is a price differnece.
The Trop Artic is made by a another company . A recent thread suggests the Havoline 5/30 might have more group II+ base oil blended into it than the Chevron 5/30 . From the analysis's I've seen here both are good stuff and outperformed the Amsoil 10/30 and Mobil Supersyn 10/30wt " it beat Amsoil " in the oil killing 4cyl Nissan PU engines at intervals of 5k or less .
Hey - I use which ever is cheaper, recently the Chevron Supreme has been about .15 cents cheaper than the Havoline. You really can't go wrong with either one. Side note - I had a post the other day where I exclaimed to the world my joy over finding a local autoparts store that has massive stocks of both. [Cheers!] [Happy]
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