havoline 5w20 99cents

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Jun 15, 2003
Equilon Havoline 5w20 is 99 cents /qt at "big lots" stores.

Meets ford specs, API SL, GF-3.

Didn't see any other weights.
That's a good price. The prevailing opinion on this board is that all 5W-20 "SL" rated oils are at least a blend of Group III and Group II base stocks. Since ChevronTexaco now has FULL rights to the name "Havoline" worldwide, my guess is that this Equilon product is being closed out at "Pig Lots" (Duhh - what else are they famous for?!) at fire-sale prices. Great opportunity for Ford and Honda owners. Wow, a semi-synthetic for less than a buck a quart!
At the closest Big Lots store today, I saw(all Havoline Equilon SL):
5w30 dino, $.99/qt
5w30 syn, $1.99/qt
5w40 syn, $1.99/qt

Yes, the synthetic is Group III oil, but at $2/qt, it seems a pretty good buy. With 25 liters of Lubro Moly 0w40 & 11 1/2 qts of BobZoil "on deck" in the carport closet, I forced myself to resist. It wasn't easy!
Thanks for the update on weight availability, Stuart. I'm among the silent minority who feels the performance of Group III based motor oils is underrated. It's their PRICING that I normally object to. Though I have 48 quarts of Chevron Supreme 10W-30 conventional in the garage, I'm about out the door to canvas several nearby local Pig Lots for some of that 5W-40! Yum! Auuggghhhh, I've fallen off the motor oil purchase "wagon" and can't get back up. (And, I'll valiantly fight off any and all comers who come to my aid!...)

Originally posted by Stuart Hughes:
(all Havoline Equilon SL):
Yes, the synthetic is Group III oil,

At this time the Havoline specs lead me to believe it is a Group IV based oil. CAS# 68037-01-4 : Isn't this the CAS for PAO?

Can someone point to why everyone is saying this is a group III whereas I think it Group IV?

Update: I've been searching and reading on this Havoline synthetic all afternoon. If appears there have been two different MSDS sheets with conflicting information. One indicates Group III and one Group IV. So I give up. Maybe someone else wants to carry the torch further?

Here is the link that shows two different MSDS sheets:


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