Havoline 20W50, Harley Davidson Evo 1340cc

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Aug 4, 2004
wytheville, va
Here's a 2519 mile run on Havoline 20W50 in my 1994 Harley Davidson Low Rider. Engine is the 1340cc "Evolution" model.

Here are Blackstone's comments:

DAN: You have a nice wearing Harley engine at 21,493 miles. Universal averages show typical wear metals for this type of engine after 1,650 miles on the oil. Your oil was in use 2,519 miles, and we found all wear from the engine at around average levels and in the correct balance to show normal mechanical parts inside. Silicon at 5 ppm shows good air filtration. The 0.3% insolubles level indicates good oil filtration. This may be 20W/50 engine oil but the viscosity was low for that grade, although no gas or moisture was present. Check back to establish trends.

My UOA...... Universal Averages.

Al 6....6
Chrom 1....2
Iron 8....19
Coppr 4.....9
Lead 0.....3
Tin 0.....0
Moly 218...33
Nick 0.....1
Mang 0.....1
Silvr 0.....0
Titan 0.....0
K 3.....0
Boron 171.....113
Si 5....19
NA 1.....6
Ca 2461.....2289
Magnes 51......561
Phos 978.....970
Zinc 1093....1059
Barium 0....3

Viscosity 74.0, sheared to mid 40 weight
Flash point 420
Fuel < 0.5
Insol 0.3

I typed in "Harley" in the UOA's here, and find several where the oils sheared--including Castrol Syntec 20W50, Mobil 1 Redcap 15W50, and even Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W50. So these engines apparently can be hard on oil. This said, there are two UOA's of the Harley Syn3 oil, and this oil sheared considerable (to a 30, I believe) in once case, and it didn't shear at all in another. So it's hard to know what to expect.

I do like my wear numbers, and will continue using this oil. I may decide to top off with Valvoline Synpower to thicken it a bit on this next run. If I do that, I may send in for another UOA and we'll see how that looks.

All of your better name brand 15W40 and 20W50 oils do well in air cooled Harleys as long as ambient temp.s are good!! Like any air cooled engine the oil is beat up! IF you can find it localy try CenPeco 20W50!!!!! It is good stuff!
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