Havoline 10w40 SJ oil

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Oct 22, 2003
By Detroit
today I fished an empty can of Havoline out of the garbage can outside my local discount auto parts store. It is Havoline 10w40 rated SJ. I think it must be old stock as it says distributed by Equilon Enterprises LLC, not Chevron. I looked on the website at the tech data sheets and all Havoline grades should be SL. Guess you have to watch what you buy at discount stores. But maybe this old stock SJ oil is better with more of the ZDDP than the newer SL?
I have been a fan of Havoline oil for many years. In fact, I first took notice of them when they were a Equilon product. You are correct that there are stores that have very old stock still sitting on their shelves. I received a Christmas gift (small crock pot) that had a coupon that expired in 1989 [Big Grin] , so it pays to keep your nose twitching and your ears facing forward.
I was at A-Zone Xmas day, I needed one extra qt for my oil change I was doing. They had several bottles of Havoline 10w-30 that were made by equilon and were sj rated. Had to open a new box to get the better stuff [Big Grin]
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