Havoline 10w-30 Synthetic - Noack

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Yeah, we've had this discussion before. The numbers look amazing.

Advance Auto Parts had a sale on this stuff for $3/qt. And it usually goes for $3.49/qt or so. Good stuff!
I conducted a search first to see if the Noack had been touched on and found nothing .

One analysis I have seen showed this oil to do exceptionaly well except of course the TBN does not allow for the big time drain intervals but who really does that anyway ?

Not many .

I'm not using Mobil SS but if I were I'd be tempted to try the Havoline 10w-30 up to 5-6k or so .

Great noack , great protection , great pricing

Hard to find
Autozones in the Twin Cities, MN usually have Havoline Synth. Used to cost about $3.30/qt - was a good value. Now they charge $3.99 - not so good compared to M1 at Wally's for approx $4/qt in 5 qt pails.

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I conducted a search first to see if the Noack had been touched on and found nothing .

That's because I can't spell

Havoline Synth -- sleeper?

Hmmmm . . . That thread pretty much turned into a pro/con Mobil1 debate. Anyway, I have been a user of Havoline for years (dino Havoline) and would love to try the synthetic. I can't find much of it where I live though.
It seems most of the store shelves here are dominated by Mobil and Castrol with the rest of the space being taken by Valvoline, Pennzoil, QS, etc.
Has anyone noticed the Flash point of Havoline's synthetic oils?

10w-30 496F.
I haven't found the Havoline at AZ, but I did find it at Advance AP, it was around $4 and I was tempted. Chevron does a good job with their plain dino oil so why not?

I am getting ready to send in a sample for a UOA on motorcract 5w-30 in my buick; however I cleaned up on the Havoline Syn. at AZ and will do a UOA on that as well. I am either sending the sample to Blackstone or Butler SOS labs, have yet to decide.
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