Having some doubts about German Syntec

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Nov 15, 2002
I almost bought 5 bottles of this stuff today to put in my van, but something was nagging at me as I stood there looking at the oil in AutoZone. So I just purchased one bottle "just to see what's in it." (And also to scan in the label(s) and send 'em to Patman.) Well, according to Castrol in Germany, the 0w30 Formula SLX is GREEN, and the oil in this bottle AIN'T GREEN. It's a very dark amber, with a SLIGHT green tint. But when someone says an oil is GREEN, I think about the Kendall GT-1 I used to use when in high school. That oil was GREEN. Period. No amber. So...I don't know. Maybe this is the SLX...but maybe it isn't. I will say this: it doesn't SMELL like the other grades of Syntec. It smells just like the old Mobil 1 TriSyn. I guess Patman can chime in here and let us know just how GREEN his oil was.
If you pour all the contents of the bottle into a clear container, you will see that the color has a green tint to it. My guess it's enough to be "labeled" as green oil. Are you afraid this stuff is diluted with our North American Syntec? In my opinnion, they wouldn't go to such lengths. First of all, this stuff is not only made in Germany, it's also PACKAGED in Germany. Otherwise it would have to be labled differently. Secondly, it meets pretty high specs, and that's good enough for me. I'd love to hear other's opinnion though. -Paul
Okay...false alarm. Putting an ounce or so of this oil in a clear glass isn't the best way to see how green it is. To compare this with other oils, I put some in a small Dixie paper cup. I also put equal amounts of Mobil 1 0w40, Shell Rotell T Syn 5w40, and Castrol Syntec 10w30 in Dixie cups. With all four oils sitting side by side, the German Syntec has a definite green tint to it. A few other interesting observations: The two Group III oils (Syntec 10w30 and Shell Rotella T Syn) both look identical. They are both the same shade of amber. The German Syntec and Mobil 1 0w40 are the same shade, too, with the Syntec having the green tint. Also, the two PAO/ester oils (German Syntec and Mobil 1) soaked through the waxy coating of the Dixie cup MUCH faster than the Group III oils did. [ April 30, 2003, 02:02 AM: Message edited by: G-Man II ]
Like with any oil, it's best to see it's color when it's sunny outside, and when you're pouring it into the engine. This oil definitely has a green tint to it, but I saw it as more of a golden green myself, not a bright green like Schaeffer Oil.
Another thing I forgot to mention. I've got a bottle of this stuff in the garage which is leaking slightly, so I put some paper towels under it. You can clearly see the green color on the paper towels now.
Well, the oil isn't green as in lime jello, but it is amber/green....even when you open the bottle, you can see green slime around the cap and threads. Not that the color means anything...but, I guess it is the esters within that give it this hue. I believe it is the same as SLX. Hopefully some more German oils make their way over...
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