Having a private butcher who makes housecalls, is awesomeness.

Sep 20, 2014
Mostly it's my friend Paul who is pretty awesome. He's a retired butcher and in later life worked training meat cutters and butchers for a major food services company.

This weekend is my brother's birthday and also our father's 75th birthday. The idea was tomahawk steaks (we did that on my birthday early last month). But as the invite list grew, the cost of that became prohibitive. I realized I could get bone-in Prime Rib, then cut it into steaks and French them - voila tomahawk steaks albeit without the long rib, just a shorter bit. I'm relatively good with a knife and was going to attempt it on my own, but then a friend volunteered to come over and do it all. What a lot of fun to cut and trim your own steak. He also told/taught me about how to buy various cuts of roasts, meat, etc. and trim them into various steaks, trimmings for ground meat, etc.

Don't let the rich people know about this, or on-demand private butchers are going to be the next big thing in California and us simple folk will never get a chance again... ;

Bottom left of the pic, there's a glass with ice and...

I'm thinking it was Jameson's, but I'm not thinking well this morning... ;)

The big dinner is tonight; I'm going to slow-heat them and then reverse-sear w/butter. We have four HUGE steaks out of the original 12lbs of rib roast. I look forward to learning more about trimming roasts and yielding steaks - it will be a great way to eat well despite how much meat prices have climbed lately here.

For when you need to butcher something/someone in your home. Fantastic

For that, there are "cleaners" - I believe that is the technical term. ;) Harvey Keitel in "Point of no Return" leaps to mind. This was the re-make/US version of "La Femme Nikita."

I think the character was so memorable, Tarantino recycled it in "Pulp Fiction."