Haven't posted in a while.

Well as I wait for the F1 race in China. I thought I'd post. Yes I have both a DVD and VCR. No I'm not smoking crack. [SPAZ!] Anywho, Posted a while back about putting 2 qts of GC M02 or so in my 20+ year old lawn tractor and leaf vacuum. I used both today and the leaf vacuum engine for the first time did not smoke- not a bit. However the leaf Briggs/Stratton engine didn't seem to rev as easily as before. I think it because of my jury rigged exahust system and fact that I've got a "3hp" muffler on a 5hp engine. Otherwise it ran well and seemed to speed up after I cracked the muffler trying to tighten piping (OEM lots of piping to keep heat away from gas tank). The old engine is really worn out, but it gets used only 3 times each fall, so I hate to put 300 bucks into a new engine on a crapped out frame and bent impeller blades. MORE importantly, I drained my first near full term (about 4700mi) OCI on my chipped VW 1.8T with GC. The oil drained out looked beautiful. It was dark amber, no burnt smell and seemed to have more slickness and better viscocity than most oils I installed over the years new. I'm sure that the UOA I'm sending off Monday with the TBN analysis will show more mileage left. So I've got this 5w-40 BC I've semi-stockpiled (like 15 qts) and I was just itching to see what it was like. I installed it with OEM filter, did a code clear, throttle alignment and re-engaged switchable program (93 octane). Took her out for a quick road test. Well, no more 20 psi boost or 21-22 spike [Eek!] . It was just rock steady 17 psi. I dunno. Although the engine was very quiet, just like GC after oil change. However, the car pulled strong. It may just be adaptation, I did a lot at one time- curious to see what happens over the next couple of weeks. I'll post my UOA with TBN next week. This BC is very clear and somewhat viscous as I poured (unlike M1 0w40 which is like water). This is what is sold at the dealerships- not a bad product. If bought at AZ seems to be a good choice as it stands. It will also get a UOA. Then it will be back to the 100+ GC M03/04 stash. [Cool] Ok, the race is coming on. Albers just ran over Michael's Ferrari on the warm up. [Freak] Alonzo's a good champ- I'm glad to see Renault back to success in F1. But I'm pulling for Kimi- came from dead last last week to win. Simply he's been the fastest man in F1 this year and if he hadn't had poor reliability and a couple of big consequence mistakes he would be F1 driving champ. LATER ps- sorry for the long post.