have used various brands of PAO synthetics

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Apr 19, 2004
New York
When my father bought his Pontiac new in 93 I put it on synthetic oil after proper break-in. The engine (3.3) calls for 10w30 year round. It gets changed twice a year (approx. 4 to 6k between changes). I have used a number of different brands over the years but have been using M1 for the last few years since all the other PAO oils (store brands) have disappeared. In its early days it got AMOCO Ultimate syn. which was available at K-mart at the time. It also got Western Auto which I believe was Texaco. It has had Pennzoil Performax and also Exxon Superflo syn. I know from a previous post that Performax was highly regarded. Does anybody have any thoughts on these other brands that I mentioned in particular the AMOCO Ultimate syn SG rated and the Exxon Superflo syn SJ rated which it was fed many times. Thanks.
For the oil change interval you are running, I think you would do fine with a blend at $2.69 a quart retail. But maybe you could extend to once a year changes. Also, consider the very expensive ester synthetic, Redline, which I understand to be even better than a PAO.
Thanks for the suggestion Paul and to tell you the truth I have been extending the OCI to about 8 to 9 months and 7k since finding this site and reading the PAO UOA's. I was really more interested in the quality of Amoco and Exxon's synthetics along with another one that I had used that was called Slick 50 full synthetic SH rated. (I still have some of this oil on my shelf). I know that all PAO synthetics are not created equally and I wondered if anyone out there had run a UOA on any of these oils years ago and could comment on the quality.
pbm - I'm using the Performax 100 you mention (5W50) in my Mazda turbo. Very impressed so far. Engine so smooth and quiet and economy appears better than the 5W40 I used previously. Pity it's an obsolete product.
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