Have Speedperks and discounts - best gear oil at Advance?

Jun 1, 2013
Albany, NY
My New to me 11 F150 has a vent tube that goes in the box rail support. Anyway it was full of sand and I pressure washed everything. It is likely water got in.

There is no service history either on the gear oil (pretty much everything else was changed at one time or another). It may be original, may not. Looks pretty black, not overfilled. Anyway, My choices are Royal Purple, VV, Fram , Carquest, Mobil 1. Right now, I am leaning to VV 75W140. $8.25 a qt out the door with my coupons.

I thought of Amsoil but not this time. Needs to get changed ASAP.
Jan 22, 2011
Just get a GL-5 gear oil of the correct weight which meets your Ford specs. Don't get hung up on brand.. Your diffie will still outlast the rest of your truck.