have a story that will make u CRINGE

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Feb 1, 2003
palm beach
ok so i was over at me buddy's house and we decide to change his oil, takes off his filter, and then starts the car up. he holds the rpm's fairly high for about 10 seconds, and shuts it back off. i asked him what the hell that was about and he said it helps to get the old oil out of the engine. to this i laughed alot. i tried to explain to him that it probably wasnt a good idea to do that. he said it doesnt matter and does that on all his engines from cars to lawnmowers. btw, from filter and generic oil were used.
Well...he's right, it does get a few more drops of oil out. Why is that his goal? Why does this sound like the old saying about can't see the forest for the trees? Ken
Not necessarily a bad a idea to spin the engine without fuel or spark with the starter to pump some old oil out....But high rpm. YIKES..did you suggest a spin around the block?
talk about dry starts !, but maybe he is using prolong or slick 50, or one of those treatments where you can dump a bucket of dirt on the valvetrain and still have the engine run perfectly smooth. [Duh!]
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