HAS M-1 15/50 auto oil been reformulated over the last few years??

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Apr 27, 2004
Greetings from a newbie Great site I found this site posted on my motorcycle forum. I have experience with Amsoil, Mobil & Spectro in use with autos & motorcycles. I am not an authority, just a consumer, so please don't beat up on me here. Myself as well as countless others have had excellent results with M-1 15/50 over the years. My concern is this....I have been believing the M-1 15/50 can't exsist as energy conserving oil because of it's viscosity therefore doesn't have friction modifiers(my bikes wet clutch is happy) & has not had it's antiwear additives changed or diluted possibly making it into a less as effective product as it once was...as far as a wet clutch motorcycle is concerned. Is it what it was all along or has it now been reformulated?? Thanks, Steve F
I am no expert but I believe is was reformulated from the TRI-synthetic version to the to Super synthetic. Do a search in the VOA virgin oil analysis section. I don't believe it had moly before and does now. Also there are several analysis on tri-synthetic and Super synthetic in the UOA section that will help you with this.
The tri-syn met MB oil specs (229.1 or 229.3, I dont recall). Newer supersyn doesnt meet any MB 229.x specs, so I assume there was some major changes or else they didnt bother to pay for re-certification. JMH
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