Has anyone spotted Trop Artic 5w-20?

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Aug 30, 2004
If you've spotted Trop Artic 5w-20 before, please let me know: 1) Which store 2) How much per qt 3) Whether its consistently avaliable or was just a "one time thing." Thanks, MW
Originally posted by Jay: What's the difference between Trop Artic and the widely available Motorcraft?
I'd say he's probably looking for that price difference. I'm not even sure a 5w-20 exists... [I dont know] * *That being in the TropArtic flavor of course
The Trop Artic website shows 5w20 as one of the listed semi-synthetic varieties, but I've never seen anything but the 5w30 and 10w30 in the semi-synthetic stuff. I've seen 10w40 in the old API SL rated dino juice, but who wants that? [Wink]
1)walmart 2)1.12 3)end cap about 2 mo ago. all types incuding 5/20 5/30 synblend and dino. it is all long gone with a few 10/30 in a section. I think it was a one time thing as they have not restocked or replenished this brand the same lonely bottles is there everyweek. ..mudd
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