Has anyone seen a report like this???

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Nov 14, 2003
it is from a 2002 Yamaha R1 with 2600 miles on the oil and 9900 on the bike. a few track days and the rest was spirited riding Iron 60 Lead 494 Chromium 2 tin 5 aluminum 49 nickel 5 silver 0 silicon 17 boron 205 Na 20 mg 94 ca 2600 phos 1470 zinc 1630 moly 105 potassium and rest of values where zero TBN 8 oxid 7 nit 12 vis@100 11.5 fuel dilution 1 neg for water and glycol its my brothers bike I told him he has some fuel dilution (possible leaky injector) and that could be causing the increased wear (looks like his lower bearings) to further support my leaky injector theory his compression was 206 in three cylinders but 212 in the fourth. Any thoughts???
ps its mobil one 10w40 motorcycle oil also oil analyzers only flagged the aluminum as being abnormal and said resample at next interval???
the fuel dilution is not that high, I usually see my samples with .5 but 1 is not much higher. the vis looks a little low (30) the lead is much higher than I am used to seeing.
maybe some Redline will take care of the viscosity shearing it dosent seem like Redline shears at all
2003trd, 1) he needs to address his air filter problem 2) that *may* be why he is seeing such high readings in Fe and Pb. 3) how does an injector get fuel into the oil? usually that would indicate a problem with the rings, but a compression test of 206-212 seems very good.
Looks like he is sand blasting the inside of his engine. Si may not be that high because it's in chunk form. The total of the other metals is scary. OA should be saying dump and sample next interval.
Before we totally overlook the obvious... Is he using a gasoline additive? If so, I'll bet it's got plenty of lead in it. Presumably, this engine has copper in the bearings as well. But we assume copper was at zero because it's not on the chart. The compression numbers you give seem okay to me. All sounds well there... I think he has used a fuel additive or an oil additive which will be responsible for the lead. I don't see how else you could get that much lead and no copper at all from bearing wear. Fuel dilution should be expected on motorcycles. It just goes with the territory. (Which is why it is dunder-headed to run an oil more than about 3000 miles in a bike). Going to a good HDEO like Rotella should improve wear metals--especially iron and aluminum. This isn't wear. The Pb is getting in there through additives. Ask him and see. [Smile] Dan
You know what, I bet he used a tank of race gas or something he bought at the track. It is probably leaded
Thanks for all the replies, Yes he did in fact buy a few tanks of race gas. Holy lead batman! can lead in race gas be hard on the engine? obviously less harmfull than detonating but his bike doesnt require anything higher than 91 octane
lead fuel it is. 2002 was carb or fuel injection? if its a FI engine he might want to replace the O2 sensor if it has one the iron is higher than I usually see on other engines but the oil dose lube the trans to
Lead in the oil from race gas is not a problem. The engine seems fine. I didn't think--based on little to no copper--that this was bearing wear. Sometimes I give myself cold chills... [Big Grin]
One other thing. Try Shell Rotella 15W40 dino truck oil. Change it every 2K. And if you want, you can do an "every other OCI" oil filter change at such short intervals. The Rotella will probably make the wear numbers look even better. Mobil 1 syn causes high iron readings in UOAs... Dan
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