Has anyone heard FFFP fuel power additive?

FPPF Fuel Power - Diesel Fuel Treatment Part Number: 00101 Line: FPP 30 day limited warranty • UPC: 73767001016 •Concentrated •Disperses Water From Fuel •Treats 3,840 Gallons •1 Gallon Bottle •Volume (Gal): 1 Gallon Detailed Description The Diesel Fuel we buy is always changing in both chemical content and quality. One constant is the propensity for Diesel Fuel to pick up water. Water in Diesel Fuel remains the number one fuel problem year round. Now that low sulfur and ultra low sulfur fuels account for the vast majority of diesel fuel used today, water is now a bigger problem than ever before. Water damages injectors, scores pintles, creates gum and varnish, interferes with fuel combustion and harbors microbes and fungi. Fuel Power contains the most effective combination of ingredients to absorb water from fuel. Fuel Power prevents damage, wear, and premature fuel pump failure. Fuel Power also helps improve combustion and mileage, stabilizes fuel, and prevents sludge. All of these benefits in a unique formulation which contains no harmful alcohols to attack your gaskets and seals. Our concentrated formula treats 240 gallons with only 8 ounces. •Totally disperses water •Cleans the injector system •Stabilizes fuel •Reduces gum and varnish •Prevents and eliminates sludge •Controls icing •Improves fuel economy •Reduces cylinder wall abrasion •Combustion catalyst Manufacturer Information FPPF Chemical Company Inc., is a leading U.S. manufacturer of fuel additives, treatments and conditioners, and was founded in 1975 by Mr. Chris Lory, a Buffalo, New York entrepreneur. FPPF was created to fulfill the strong market demand for improved diesel fuel treatments. In the 1970's, declining fuel quality and increasing fuel costs were serious concerns for the trucking industry. FPPF scientists set upon the task of developing a completely different, more effective diesel additive and thus created Fuel Power, today's leading year-round diesel fuel treatment.
Then there is TOTAL POWER http://www.thedieselstore.com/template/p...AQ#.VCYPdWYtCpo
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The only ingredient listed on the MSDS is Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, 60-100% by weight. Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, aka 2-Butoxyethanol is described as a relatively nonvolatile, inexpensive solvent of low toxicity, it is used in many domestic and industrial products. It is occasionally listed as 2-BE or EGBE... basically a cheap solvent used in printing and other industries. Simple Green contains 4% of EGBE. You can buy a 500 ml bottle of lab grade EGBE on eBay for $13.50 plus shipping or a quart of Tech Grade chemical for $26 delivered.