Has anyone had an oil related failure if?

Jan 10, 2020
United States
You change your oil and filter regularly and run a good name brand oil?

I know this is a more technical discussion board but im a real life guy who is technical info impaired.

All this you have to run this and have to run that or terrible things happen.

Please give your stories of blown up bikes due to properly putting in good oil even if it isnt exactly the perfect specs for your bike.
I think you already know the answer... motor failures are not caused by the oil used. More than likely it was due to a lack of oil, never changing oil, etc. Sure, someone always knows a 'guy' that it happened to...or a friend of a friend of a guy...
We had years age an oil related failure at work . One of the guys changed the oil in a forklift and failed replace the oil, with out oil the engine failed.
NEVER an oil related failure or issue . I have always used the manufacturer recommended oil/weight and OCI's of around 5-6k
The 1992 kx 250 had the intake side of the piston plasma coated, due to a design failure, in 93 they changed cylinder design. But when that coating was gone, you'd start eating the cylinder on the intake side, and the heaviest film strength oils , produced the best life of that coating.
Nope .. It seems like the oil topics now center around JASO MA/MA2 and clutch slippage versus engine lubrication.
20 years ago I had a lifter in my Harley Evo motor fail. Actually it was the bearings in the lifter wheel came apart. The bearing needles and shrapnel were carried thru-out the engine by the oil. Requiring a rebuild. Hard to say if the lifter failed due to the quality of the lifter, or oil starvation at the roller. When it happened, the first thing I did was to pull the dipstick and check the level. It was fine, but the engine was banging and grinding like you wouldn't believe. The engine had a hair under 50 k on it when it went. I've had other bikes with the same engine, with more miles, and never had any issues with the lifters. So who knows.,,,
MolaKule once mentioned that bad 10w-40 was an industry-wide problem for a while, back in the day. Probably the same incident.
Yes, and as you note it wasn't just the particular oil either. It was a misunderstanding of the behavior at low temperatures and resulted in a revision to SAE J300.
MolaKule once mentioned that bad 10w-40 was an industry-wide problem for a while, back in the day. Probably the same incident.
That particular incident was caused by a bad batch of oil caused by a bad batch of additive. The additive wasn't tested before blending and the finished product wasn't tested before distribution. As kschachn noted, it initiated changes to SAE J300.

After the PZL-QS merger, for several years I worked with a man who owned a northeastern US QS distributorship at the time. A big headache for him. The resulting fallout necessitated him being bailed out by QS. They took over his business and converted it to a company owned operation in an attempt to preserve some of his his considerable local market share. He filled me in with the benefit of a couple decades of hindsight.