Has any Oil Company ever REPLACED an engine?

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Jul 31, 2002
Forest Hill MD
Quaker, Pennzoil, Amsoil... they all offer warranties to repair/replace an engine if it dies. Do you know any Oil Company that honored that warranty?
No. Good lawyers and expert witnesses means that your chances of proving failure due to their oil formulation is almost nil.
Click on the Quaker State and Warranty BB. Johnny mentions that a Volvo owner got a new engine from a oil warranty program. I've heard of Walmart buying a owner a new engine because they forgot to install an oil filter or drain plug fell off.
Yup, Pet-Can covered warranty and damage claims to heavy equipment in the Arctic several years ago. I heard that a boundry lubrication problem took out the cylinder liners. Petro Canada paid for the repairs and work loss due to the equipment down time.
I actually don't know. The question to ask, I guess, is: Has ANY oil actually caused an engine to fail? Typically it's a cooling system, lack of maintenance, assembly goof up, design screw-up, even a metallurgical failure - NOT just a plain old: "the oil was lousy, engine died"....so that leads back to (sung to the rhythm of a kids song such as "We are the pirates, who don't do anything....we just lay around all day...) : WE ARE ANAL YES WE ARE WE DO EVERYTHING TO OUR CAR ARE WE ANAL? YES WE ARE WE ADD AUTO-RX and SYNTHETIC OIL WE USE THE BEST FILTERS IF WE FIND OUT WHAT THEY ARE!!!
So true I know a guy with an 1988 Chevy 1500 4x4. He has 150.000 miles. Never washed it yet, has only done three oli changes. He just adds oil. The truck still runs strong. He never had and engine problems.
I work with a guy that is driveing a car with 300,000 miles on it. It is a Grand Prix and has had a treatment of slick 50 or QMI ever oil change!!! SO in spite of his best effeorts the motor has sevived to spite him! P.S. It does not spoke and runs strong! [crushedcar]
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