Harley Davidson Super Prem5 cut open/pics

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Oct 13, 2008
The Old North State
Run ~3500 miles/2 years. Synthetic media with 5um nominal rating which is generally taken to mean 50%. Made in the US and judging from thread end bypass design looks to be a Champ made filter. Same bypass design as M1 with thread end bypass.
As a massive generalization (there are always exceptions, to be sure) ..... HD stuff is usually well made. From their parts and accessories, to the clothing (boots, jackets, etc), most of it is decent stuff. It's the pricing of that stuff that scares the jeapers out of folks! There are often good alternatives that cost less (at times, far less) for the same performance.
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I paid $11 each for a pair of the HD SuperPremium 5 oil filters from Kutter HD on-line a couple of months ago. This was in line with the chrome Fram PH6065B from Walmart. Of course the chrome makes it filter a whole lot better.
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So is it just a Fram Ultra?
No. Ultra uses Fram dome end bypass design. And though it is wire backed synthetic media it's layer construction looks different than Ultra. Thinking it's a Champ made for Harley design.
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