Hard to Beat SuperTech Synth Price

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Apr 11, 2003
Spring HIll
5qt jug = $12.44. That's less than $2.50/qt for a decent group III oil. Everything else in the "synthetic" category on the shelf of the not-so local Walmart starts at $4/qt on sale, usually $4.50 or higher now.

Picked up a jug of 5w-30 ST Synth. Simply a great deal IMO.
Shouldn't you be out shopping for a car?

RIP Saturn
TropArtic Blend $7.60 ,Havoline $8.30 and Maxlife $10.30 for 5 qts next to ST to syn in my WM. Those are both around $1.5 - $2 and I don't see any UOA to pay $2-5 more for ST.
agreed... If I am not paying a premium for a group IV oil like M1 or a diesel add pack in a grp III oil like rotella syn... I dont see the point in straying from havoline or pennzoil (or tropactic, excpt its not available around me).

I thought I found the perfect oil in Super Tech synthetic. So I bought enough for two oil changes. Oil pressure was fine high or low with it. The engine seemed nice & quiet. My gas mileage didn't hardly waver. However, at around 2K of each OCI, my cold start fast idle would lessen & the engine idle felt noticeably rougher.

Immediately after switching to Platinum after the 2nd OCI with ST Synthetic, the fast idle returned for good at startup and the rough idle disappeared & has never returned.

No more Supertech synthetic for this kid.
I used it and was pleased...thought it was good at a good price, but there are other oils I am more interested in. All in all, A3-rated, HM adds and a great price...good for say... Mom's car.
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