Hard driving = thicker oil?

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Apr 3, 2003
Toronto ON
Hello everyone. I've got a fresh batch of German Castrol Syntec in my trunk but I'm having second thoughts of putting it in suddenly.

With the fact that I'll be going to the track several times and also on the dyno to PCM tune in the next month or so, and I drive my 1998 GTP fairly brisk on a regular basis, should I be putting in something a little thicker to protect it during the warm weather? Its been on my mind to go get some Mobil 1 15w50, even though the engine is rated for 10w30 oil.

Any advice for the best engine protection?
Will, that german stuff is supposed to be closer to a 40 weight according to Patman. Going from a 30 to a 50 is quite a jump, not recommended unless burnoff is an issue.

If anything that stuff is an excellent compromise.

I'd put it in with full confidence. IMO.
I have tried Castrol RS 10w50 and Shell Helix Ultra 15w50 on my 2000 camry 2.2L. Oil analysis showed nearly zero wear. After changing to Shell Helix Ultra 5w40, wear levels went up slightly. But I also noticed my fuel economy improve ~15%.
VW has been reccomending 15W-50 and 20W-50 for their cars in summertime yrs ago. But since most wear occurs at startup a thicker oil doesn't really sound like a good idea. In my experience, all my VWs had more noticable lifter tick at startup with xW-50 oils even in summertime. that can't be good for the engine since the thicker oil takes longer to get to the surfaces. An oil cooler will be more beneficial at keeping the oil from thinning out due to heat. Put a xW-40 synthetic in it and keep it cool, you will have no worries.
Ken, do you guys have the RS 10-50 in lieu of the 10-60 or you can choose from either? Seems like Asia get the 10-50 instead of the 10-60. I just love how smooth the engine runs with the 10-60. Can you confirm any differences between the RS and TWS? Is one older than the other?
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