Happy Platinum Users Check-In

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Jan 11, 2006
Clovis, CA
I've heard a lot of good stuff about this oil on this board. Tell me what you like best about this oil on how it effects your engine such as ----> responsiveness, smoothness, and quietness. Please list your: * Viscosity * Vehicle type * Engine type * Mileage since pour-in * Any additional comments Best Regards, GoldenRod [Cheers!] [ March 14, 2006, 05:29 AM: Message edited by: GoldenRod ]
* Viscosity: 2qts 5w30, 1.5qts 10w30 * Vehicle type: 1993 Mazda * Engine type: 2.0L 4cyl * Mileage since pour-in: ~1600 (put in at 185k) * Any additional comments: runs and sounds the same as the M1 I've been using for the last 100k miles with 5k OCIs. No noticeable MPG change. It was less than $.50/qt (after rebates of course) so that makes it okay in my book.
* Viscosity:5W-30 * Vehicle Type: 04 Toyota 4-Runner * Engine: 1GR-FE 4.0L V-6 * Mileage: 2800 * Comments: I am about to go on a 3000 mile road trip. I hope to be taking a sample for UOA with about 7-8k on the Platinum soon! Great oil for 32 cents per quart.
I'll let ya know what I think about their 5w20 line in a week or two when I put it in my '05 Mazda3. From everything I've ever heard about it, I expect that it will be good stuff.
Smoothed my idle immediately after using Super Tech Synthetic prior. Then saw the fast idle return on cold startup. No consumption yet - so far around 3.5K accumulated. I want to take it to 7K.
* Viscosity:5W-30 * Vehicle Type: 05 Ford Explorer * Engine: 4.0L SOHC V-6 * Mileage: 35,000 * Comments: I used it for 2 or 3 5,000 mile OCI's. It was the first oil used after vehicle purchase. Got in on the MasterCard Gift card promotion so it was inexpensive. I have since used GC and now using Torco 5w-30. No scientific analysis done, but was happy with performance, mpg, start up and operating noise (lack of). IMO a very good oil. Pep Boys is running rebate specials and my area WalMarts sell it for $3.97 a qt.
So far, I'm very happy with mine. ZERO noise, ZERO use. I mean Zero use....because it's still on the shelf awaiting it's turn in line. [Roll Eyes] It's 5-30 and will go in a 2006 Forester.
You guys are real clever with your copy & paste skills. [Smile] I knew there was a few of you that ran this oil, but I didn't know who was who. 777: You seem to have the most dramatic expirence with Platinum. I was hoping to hear more stories like yours; but I'll take what I can get. [Smile] Slick17601: As long as it doesn't have the Play Dough yellow colored bottle...... I'm ok with it. [Wink]
* Viscosity: 10W-30 * Vehicle type: '04 GMC Sierra * Engine type: 5.3L Vortec V8 * Mileage since pour-in: About 1200 * Any additional comments: Initially I was worried about increased piston slap but that's no longer an issue. Engine runs as smooth and quiet as it did with GC in it. For now, I'm very happy. Will run to 5K then do an OCI and have it Dysoned, then I'll post it in the UOA section for all y'all.
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