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Feb 13, 2007
To those that celebrate the 4th I hope you have a great day.I hope there is a lot of good cookouts and you get to talk cars. There are some good firework displays and I hope you and your family can attend one. My children are adults and still remember some of the displays we went to. So go out and make special memories with people you care about. Helen
I'm in CA, so my "work family" and I are going to a Demo Derby and RV Figure 8 race tomorrow. Can't wait to drink cheap beer and enjoy the show!
When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands that connect them to another.... That's all I remember for now... Happy birthday America!
Happy 4th everyone! Thank you Helen, for reminding us. I'll be spending it with my son, who's in Boston.
Everyone have the "GREATEST" 4TH, My wife and I go to a local event, she looks around at the craft show and I attend the car show followed by a bbq chicken dinner. Even if it's something simple everyone just enjoy yourself! TOTO.
Thanks Helen! Loaded up on steak sales to pit smoke. Problem is it may indeed rain here late afternoon/evening. Rain is needed though. Been very hot & dry here. Happy USA Independance Day!
Happy 4th of July everyone. We've got one of yours staying with us for a few weeks...best we could do was pizza on a freezing cold winter's night.
You too. Have a Happy Fourth. As the "unsupervised kid" said, "Because there was a good doctor on duty I can still count to the Fourth on one hand!" That's a joke which reminds people to be safe....nothing mean.
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Happy 4th of July Neighbors!
Thank you and your countrymen for your friendship and being such a good neighbor. Nice to know we still have some allies in the world despite the USA being so dysfunctional at the federal level. Our state and local governments are still functioning, but discord seems to be the order of the day with no trust shown by either side. Sad state of affairs for a country that used to be the leader. Don't know how much longer we can go before we hit rock bottom. Glad I won't be around to see the denouement.
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