Happy 2012

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Jul 17, 2002
st. Louis
I'll go ahead and jump the gun. It's not 2012 in the US just yet. We have 90 minutes to go in the mid-west. 2012 means to me that the mark of 10 years of BITOG is just around the corner! I wish you all the best in the coming year.
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We still have 3 hours to go before 2012 arrives on west coast. Happy new year to all.
It's here (in Michigan), kinda like 1992.
In what has become a New Year's tradition of mine, I just returned home from taking the last motorcycle ride of 2011, and getting in the first ride of 2012. Left at 11:45pm in 2011, returned home at 12:30am in 2012. It was fairly easy this year... no below zero temperatures, or icy spots on the roads. A rather balmy 44 degrees with a south breeze. No electric vest was necessary for this ride. Rode two interstates, one US Highway, one state highway, and several county roads. Happy New Year everyone!
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