Handgun accuracy improvement

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Oct 28, 2002
Everson WA - Pacific NW USA
So, it's been almost 12 months to the day that I got back into shooting. I had not fired a gun for ....OK I lied....I dunno ~ 20+ years and a handgun for 30+ years. That first lonely trip to the indoor range, wow was I bad - I could not hit paper at 25 yards. Then I discovered my glasses were messing me up, etc.....and I practiced and practiced, then summer came and I shot a lot outdoors. In fact until it got pretty cold so back indoors. I just got home from the range and I must say I'm very proud (bad I know). Here's the weird thing though, I think most of the improvement came from going back indoors. I really honed my skills outside, and coming back inside it seemed so easy. Oh well, have a good holiday. Shoot more, yak less.
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I cant shoot with my glasses on either. I take them off and the target is blurry so I Just aim for the center of the blurr.
You can't focus on the front sight AND the target at the same time. The important thing is the front sight. If the front sight is fuzzy you can get your eye Dr. to correct your glass perscription for the length of your arm. Think "front sight, press".
"In a fight, don't forget the front sight." Under the pressure of an armed conflict many people forget to line up the front sight and therefore shoot high or low often missing the target completely even with many shots fired.
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Rule number 1: Never get in a gun fight. Rule number 2: Never lose a gun fight.
Fixed it for you!
Hi Pablo, I got back into shooting last year too. Like you, I'd thought to myself: "My God, what happened to me? I was a [/i]marksmanship instructor.[i]How could I be this bad? Then I looked into my glasses, and got that squared away. Then I got a laser boresighter. WOW, were my sights off! Oh, I also replaced the front sight post with a Hi-viz light-pipe. Doing all that got me from getting all of them on a standard pistol target to getting a 2-3" group firing DA one-handed @ 5 yds. I only practice for situations I'll encounter@ home.
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