Hampton Inn, Sav GA airport, theft of all my belongings

Feb 15, 2003
Jupiter, Florida
I've been up at Flight Safety in Savanna, GA, for weeks, (home on weekends) staying at the airport Hampton Inn (a Hilton hotel)

I was short-booked. In other words, I planned on a Fri checkout, the front desk girl set it up for Thurs. (she also did this with a number of other, er, ah, victims)

After aviation training on Thurs, I'm stupidly tired and want to sleep. My door card won't work and someone else is in my room (room 402). Night front desk girl gets me a new room and I ask for my stuff. She says they don't have it and the cleaning staff claims the room was clearly empty and appeared I had checked out.

I call the national Hilton honors Diamond member help desk and complain, open a case and they tell me to "go to the front desk" from there call the manager.

Soooo, I go back down and, whoa, a bunch of angry people are there, all with missing stuff. One guy was able to track his Apple devices to a Parker truck stop about 100 miles away!

Cops come, we file reports.

Interestingly, the Hampton Inn is on "International Airport Property" and has it's own police department, along with federal crime ramifications. The cops were amazingly helpful, communicative and tell me that they are directed to fully investigate any felony.

So, the manager will not talk to me. First red flag. I then start thinking about how this happened. Clearly, it's an inside job, but the mechanism, size and scope of the theft ring is not fully clear. The cops tell me they are aware of a "couple" in a theft ring that looks like they belong there.

I start thinking about what I've noticed. In the AM, I did notice a middle aged couple, that had a lot of mismatched luggage on the cart. An empty cooler fell off while I was walking by. Thinking about it now, something was odd about the way the luggage was stacked and that the cooler was on the top. But they looked pleasant, smiled at me and I went on my way.

I also met the cleaning lady just about every morning. She was a petite girl and very nice, asked me if I needed anything, etc. Yes, she was the one who opened my room and said nothing was in it!

The cops plan to interview ALL hotel staff and are trying to set up meetings, along with what employee opened my room (they have named electronic keys). Well what a surprise that the hotel manager is refusing, and arguing with the cops. The lieutenant has called me a few times now, he mentioned they won't have a choice, as it's on international airport property. Will be interesting to see how this goes. I know I won't get my stuff back, but I want those people in jail.

They took everything! Not one item remained in the room. And, no I did not have a Rolex in my bag, I don't play that game. Just a weeks work clothes, eyeglasses, personal stuff.

When I was downstairs, the people from 3 other rooms were there. Each story was a little different as a couple of the rooms had not been re-sold. But in each case, the rooms were 100% empty, with not so much as a toothbrush left inside.

I needed my electronics for training, so they did not get my Laptop and iPad. But they did get my various chargers (ugh) and weeks worth of identical work clothes, along with my meds and personal items. Tru-Spec pants, Columbia shirts, all identical.

I'm purchasing all new stuff on the company credit card (it was a business trip) and we shall see how that goes. But I will be dammed if I have to pay for anything. Man this stuff ain't cheap! It will be in the thousands to replace everything.

Anyway, if Y'all have any thoughts on how to get reimbursed from Hilton, please let me know.

I had my firearms with me, as I never leave such in a hotel room. But one other guy lost his.
Pants: $350+tax
Shirts: $290 " "
Undies: $168 " "
Socks: $50 " "
Gulfstream bag: $500 " "
Meds $288 (had to refill today as it was all gone and not covered by insurance)
Toiletries/soaps/contact lenses, etc $30 " "
Beard trimmer $ 49 " "
Prescription bifocals, transition lens, aviator frame $ 475 " "
Asus 535 laptop charger: $90 " "
iPad charger, USB-C and cord $19 " "
iPad USB-C cord " $19 " "
Small leatherman keychain model $34 " "

$2362 + 7% tax = $2528. Not including shipping, of course.

A few other things I've forgotten. No, there was no "Rolex" in my stuff but that's a couple weeks work stolen from me. Who knows what I forgot....

The thing that really sucks is that the work clothes are difficult to find locally in my "omar the tent maker" size.
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How do you get $168 for undies for a one week trip? I mean, they last twice as long if you turn ‘em inside out.

I kid. This sucks! I’m glad this doesn’t put you deep in the hole and you can recover quickly, but some people should be taken out back and disposed of.
Sorry man, Savannah is getting rough, at least if it hasn't improved in the last few years.

Two of my worst ever hotel stays are in Savannah... but I haven't had all my stuff stolen yet...
How do you get $168 for undies for a one week trip? I mean, they last twice as long if you turn ‘em inside out.
The Nick Graham ones are unique and fit me well. So those are the ones I purchase. They have pictures of the mars lander, and galaxy exploration. $25 each. Unfortunately, the thieves got my favorite ones. With the Saturn V, Mars lander, Aliens, etc. They are not currently available. Ugh.
How do you get $168 for undies for a one week trip? I mean, they last twice as long if you turn ‘em inside out.

I kid. This sucks! I’m glad this doesn’t put you deep in the hole and you can recover quickly, but some people should be taken out back and disposed of.
Victoria Secrets panties are very expensive, but worth every penny. I couldn't imagine working on an aircraft without them.
I can't imagine how the police are thinking with how the hotel manager isn't cooperating. He/she has access to the video surveillance too so that should be concerning for the police.
Keep working the Diamond desk. It's been my experience in the past they will be the ones to keep pushing the issue for you. You know this already, but document everything since you'll be talking to someone different each time.

Sorry this happened, it happened to me once but we caught the guy, and yes, it was an inside job. I can't believe how many people leave firearms in the room, glad you had yours.
Savannah Georgia?

Man. Forrest Gump really didn't film his movie in a nice area.

They stole your stuff.. I once had an inside theft of a paycheck at somewhere I worked, the week after I was able to speak with someone at the bank they used, it was reprinted and reissued for me. They didn't want to cooperate at all and it took some doing. That was in the South too...
Wow, never thought to worry about my old guy clothes, toothbrush etc. in a hotel room. Thought I was good if I took my wallet, car keys and iphone with me. I guess not anymore.
His clothes, toiletries, etc are in a dumpster somewhere. It sounds like they empty the room entirely and then pick the good stuff out later.
It wouldn’t surprise me this has been happening for some time and hotel manager is the ringleader.

Hopefully one employee cracks under Police questioning , gives up the scam and names employees involved.

Once the Po Po starts the questions, people start sweating.👮‍♂️👮‍♀️
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