Hairyest moment at Sedalia Mo car race 8/21

Jun 21, 2009

posted August 22, 2022 08:36 AM
At the last night of the Missouri state fair in Sedalia, they held 410 Sprints, B Modifieds, and Show Me Vintage car races.

B Modifieds are lined up for a heat race start, and the green flag is on the way down, and they are accelerating for the start in turn 4. An orange jeep that was probably been doing push starting, drives onto the track in front of the race cars. How all the race cars missed the jeep was a miracle, it could have been deadly mayhem.

The front straight has openings at both ends. The turn four opening is for race cars to enter before races and is mainly used by race cars that have starters. The jeep just drove onto the track, assuredly without looking or considering what was happening on the track.

The jeep then pulled into the infield and parked, and the driver sat there for the rest of the race. I'm surprised nobody told him to go home. Maybe they were afraid he'd go home by way of entering the race track.