Had my 70th bday this weekend with an epic party, but there's even more to it.

Old Guys Rule. 😎
And a poignant moment. A three dimensional high school drawing from 1969 or 1970. One of the guys, Mike, gave it to me. He's had it hanging in his garage for decades. It was drawn by one of the guys who was a core part of our group of friends. Lee. But sadly Lee committed suicide in our college era. This stunned the entire group and to this day 50 plus years later it still makes us sad. We knew Lee was struggling but at the time we didn't know what to say or do except to say that everything would work out or "here, have another beer". As friends we've always felt like we failed him. Lee was borderline genius, perhaps to his detriment.



IMG_6543 2.jpeg
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I lived and grew up across the street from Mike. Literally across the street. 1959! And Mark, in the leather vest, lived just 7 or 8 houses away.

Mike (in the hat) is the one who crashed in his Datsun 2000 and landed upside down on the roadway, pancaked on the hood and trunk because he had no roll bar. He feet got crushed inside the foot box because of the impact and I had to crawl up inside the car and literally bend the clutch and brake pedals out of the way to free him. His left foot was destroyed and it took him a year to finally be able to walk again.


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