Had Green and I Didn't Even Know It

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May 19, 2005
san diego, ca
I have developed a mild case of the GC affliction since I started lurking here. I had built up a nice little stash 40+ quarts of what I thought was all Gold. Today I was changing the oil on our SAAB and when I went to my stockpile, I noticed that I had several bottles of "M0501..." I quickly opened the caps to check inside, and sure enough it was GREEN. I could swear all the birds in my neighborhood started singing, the sun began to shine brighter, and I ran inside with a bottle to show my wife. I made her look inside as I shone a flashlight into the bottle, but when I asked her to smell it she kicked me out of the kitchen and ordered me back to the garage. Some people just don't understand...
No they don't, but they learn, kttymau, they learn...and the impression regarding the birds and the sun...it wasn't your imagination....and your neighbors will probably never even realize what your have done for the neighborhood. [Wink]
Not open for further replies.