Guy has a mobil clutch replacement business in the UK

Sep 14, 2022
This guy is unreal. And I mean that in a super human type way. :oops:

As far as mechanical ability and physical fitness, this guy takes the cake.
He changes 5 or 6 clutches a day. I tried to count but lost track.
He looks like he's a mechanic by day and a bodybuilder by night.
Fast forward to 15:55 and watch him benchpress the transmission back into the car with is bare hands. :oops:
The video quality and editing is 2nd to none. An extremely impressive young chap.

Enjoy his channel. Pretty niche type of thing, but I guess they have enough manual transmissions to make it worth doing! I always thought transverse manual seemed like such a pain to change the clutch.

Also .. how are they going through so many clutches.
Guy with talent like that should get a shop and have his clientele come to him. Waste of his time driving around.