Gumout Regane use rates ???

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Feb 16, 2006
I see no harm at all with using that much PEA at one time. I have used a 20oz bottle of the large vehicle fuel system cleaner(same exact stuff just bigger bottle as regane) and its rated for 35 gallon tanks. My little daytona has only a 14 gallon tank and it didnt mind it. Possibly newer vehicles with more sensors could be negatively impacted at the higher add levels but I really doubt it. Consumer products are made to be as "idiot proof" as they can be. Like Blue99 said, 3+ bottles in a tank that size MAY cause a problem though :lol:
The Regane use instructions probably read one 12 oz bottle for up to 20 gals of gasoline, so 12 oz in 10 gallons is still within the basic application rate. Note: Some users, no doubt, will buy the Regane product and unknowingly dump it into a tank of Top Tier rated gas. This generates a higher concentration of polyether amine. I wouldn't go wild with 2-3 bottles of Regane, but the treat rate window can't be very narrow, otherwise a lot of product liability claims would result. My main concern with overuse of gasoline additives is damage to the fuel level sensor located in the gas tank, since it is costly to repair/replace.
The Regane bottle states to use one bottle for up to 20 gallons of fuel, but it does not state a minimum for fuel gallons per bottle of Regane. Questions: Is there any reason why I could not use an entire bottle in a 10 gallon fuel tank. Are there any risks with this higher rate?
Shouldn't cause a problem but I think 1/2 to 2/3 of the bottle should be enough. I've had great results with a full bottle in 15 gallons.
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