Gumout Regane for a 2.3L Ecoboost

Aug 21, 2018
East Coast
Hey folks. My new assignment for work has me driving completely out of the way I used to. This new drive (and literally nothing around it) has only a Carroll Fuel and Sunoco.

Given that I’d like to “beef” up the additives since neither are top tier, is Gumout Regane fine for these motors?

I asked Ford and they said the typical, “We recommend..” followed by a price of almost $100 🤣🤣 For some fuel additive they put in.. They wouldn’t give me an answer if these motors were or weren’t supposed to take any additive as well. Ideas, comments, etc I’d like please!

Truck is a ‘21 Ford Ranger EB 2.3L.
Aug 8, 2005
stamford, CT
Sunoco is Top Tier per the Top Tier website:
I've been comparing top tier gas stations for some time now. Tracking mileage pen and mileage I got was with Mobil 87. 98 Buick LeSabre always averaged about 247-257 miles tank. Then phillips66 but 224-227 miles. Right now been using Sunoco. List mileage.200-204 miles. Citgo was about 237 miles. She'll 207--210 miles..these are all with Lucas ucl too.