Gumout All-in-1 Comparison 2010 vs 2012 bottle

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Aug 14, 2010
Northern Kentucky
I noticed something interesting about the Gumout all in one at my local Meijer earlier. The bottle labeled with a "10146" date code was much darker than the same UPC "12192" bottle. I am assuming this is the year followed by the day of the year code based on the new bottles of Regane showing "14071".

So the darkest of all the bottles is the All in One 2010. Possible formula cost savings between 2010-2012?

First Picture shows the 2012 all in one on the far left, with the all in one 2010 in the middle, and regane high mileage with a 2013 code all the way on the right. The Regane 2012 looks almost identical to the all in one 2012.

Same shot with bottles turned for better clarity. Ancient bottle of lucas far left.

This 4 bottle lineup shows the cheaper regane "NON HM" fuel system cleaner all the way to the right. It is even lighter than the 3.

And a final picture to show them all nice and lined up in order of price and potency. (Sorry didn't focus well - these are all my HTC One M7)

Now i believe the darker the color in the bottle the more potent the formula, so of course i bought the all in one 2010 bottle, and i checked there was only 1 more buried way in the back. The bottle is a little warped but only 1 tiny little black spot of settling at the bottom of the bottle, the same as the all in one 2012.

Of course i overthink everything, but just sharing my thoughts!
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Is it as good as techron?

I dunno anything about these fuel system cleaners, techron being 3.98 for 12oz at autozone sounds like a great deal.
According to gumout anything with Regane on it has PEA in it but i haven't 100% confirmed the all in one has PEA in it although i would be shocked if it did not.

I normally buy tehcron so this will be my first go with Gumout. The Gumout says it treats 32 gallons too, so its good for 1 big use or 2 smaller ones in my car.

Actually i have a 12 oz techron in the system right now, but i like to do 2 treatments in a row so this will be my follow up treatment.
Lucas paid a lot of $ to have eye level shelf.

OT If that's the case, would that also mean that Fram/Rank pays a lot more at WM to dominate the shelf space, starting at eye level, for it's many oil filter varieties? Just wondering.

As for the hypothesis that because the old formula is darker it's more "potent", one thought I suppose. Or a thought that came to mind is that the exposure to light over time may have had some effect on the color. The 2x ad on the bottle is what Gumout used when they began concentrating the formulas, going to smaller bottles as compared to older formulas. I'm doubtful the AIO bottle saying 2x is more "potent" than the newer bottle.

Lastly, if the final picture is supposed to be lined up by "price and potency", is it being implied that Lucas products are more potent or stronger than others?
When I referred to price and potency I was only talking about the Gumout. It's not 100% perfect either because after the all in one they have octane booster on the shelf which is nearly as useless as all Lucas additives.
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