Gumout Air Intake & Throttle Body

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Mar 16, 2004
GTA, Ontario, Canada
i was spraying GumoutAir Intake & Throttle Body Cleaner through brake booster when the car stalled . i must have send too much into the intake... now i am worry if there will be any damage to the engine? is this the same as hydrolock? the car seems to start fine after, it's Acura TSX with 40000km. thanks..
You would have known if you hydrolocked it. You probably just choked off too much of the airflow and it stalled. I think you are okay. You'll probably get a white cloud next time you start it (as with any TB cleaning)
thanks!! yes, the car started with a little poop, and that's the only smoke i see during entire cleaning process... i don't know that is because the engine is clean or Gumout not being strong enough what does hydrolock sound or feel like? thanks
Well, thankfully I've never hyrdolocked an engine , so I can't say firsthand what it would sound like or feel like. But I have a feeling it would feel a little like this: Hoewver, from the information that I have gathered you probably wouldn't be able to start the engine. Or you would hear a very loud noise as you bend a rod when turning it over. Anyone else care to chime in here?
thanks!! yes, the car started with a little poop, and that's the only smoke i see during entire cleaning process...
Interestingly, I used some Amsoil poer foam (not while the engine was running) to just clean the throttle plates and it didn't give me the "white deathcloud" until the second start. Thought it was wierd. Figured it would have happened on the first start, but it probably sucked it into the manifold on the first start then settled. The real test is to see if your MPG goes up after the cleaning. Are you going to change your oil after this or keep it in (just asking because I used to think you needed to change your oil but some people here have shown that it's not really necessary)
thanks for those info!! no noise turning over or difficult to start so far. i was thinking about cleaning throttle plate but i checked there is no carbon, dust nor any sticky film around the plate. that was a good news to me because i can avoid MAP and some other sensor by going through brake booster and EGR instead of intake plate area. i took it for some 15 km drive and i did feel the car seems to be lighter. Change out the GC (14000km) and replace with PP 5W-30 so i guess i can not use fuel mileage as test..
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