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Feb 9, 2004
I have heard so many good things about the USA GTX, I wish that Castrol Australia's GTX range was as good as the USA offerings. See in Australia, the GTX and GTX 2 oils are considered cheap, standard quality oils, not for the performance concisions driver at all. The Funny thing is that Castrol as a whole does not have a very performance orientated name for it's self. it's very active in sponsor ship but as far as general public that use it in Performance engines it's not as big as it was in the 80's. An example of this is that with GTX2 SL 20w 50, Castrol advise against using this in any performance styled engine, while it's competitors offer oils that same grade, weight and price that are well aimed at the Big V8's and Turbo 4's and mister average 6. Funny thing is it has a good HTHS reading of 4.5. If anyone wanted to have a look at the data sheet. Compare that product deception with the USA GTX 20w 50 and you'll see what I mean.
The other thing I saw with the USA GTX 20w 50, is tha it has less Zinc than the other weights, any idea why?
added trivia, castrol gtx magnatec sold in europe , is called actevo ,a motorcycle formulation here in the states. 51% ester ,so they label it synth base....or possibly a bike version of syntec...
Francis, although I am a long-time Castrol GTX user and loyalist, if I am to be completely objective here, I must say that when compared to all the oils avalable today, it it nothing super-special. It is in the top 25 percentile maybe, but no longer in the top 5 percentile of motor oils, like 20 years ago. Nowadays, for extreme applications (hi-temp., hi-RPM, etc.), I am more likely to use Schaeffer Supreme 7000 series. Or a dino monograde like Castrol HD-30. Having said that, I must add that I would still take one bottle of dino Castrol GTX rather than 1 Million bottles of that awful stuff that comes in the silver bottle with the flimsy, leaky cap!!!!!!! [Wink]
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