GTA members, problems starting these couple of days?

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Dec 5, 2003
GTA members, the frigid temperatures has taken its toll on cars these couple of days. Dino and syn users have any problems starting these past couple of days? Want to know your experiences. Thanks in advance.
I think every car is starting a touch different in the last couple days. I drive a 2002 Acura with 0w30 synthetic and it's taken and extra second or two to start recently. I'm glad I put some 0w30 in this winter.
I'm glad I am in Hong Kong. [Smile] The Maxima is using ASL and the car is taking a couple of seconds to start. Once it gets started, the car is idling just like it was summer outside. The ASL is working. [Smile]
To you GTA guys, I say: Welcome to winter in Canada...!!! It was -20c to -35c for a couple of weeks here in the prairies, and nobody whined. You guys finally get some winter, and its national news. ENJOY!!! [Big Grin] [Wink]
We always whine. [Smile] Remember the snow storm a couple years ago? The army had to come in to dig us out. [Smile]
-31 celsius here in Québec. [Canada] Car is doing a lot of noise when starting [it's my power steering pump].. but it starts [Wink] I'm using mobil 1 SS 5w30. I'll try 0w30 next year.
The syns. should fair a lot better then the dino counterparts at these low temps. Glad I went to syn.
No problem for me yesterday morning starting at -23C (-9F) although I not only had 0w30 in my Firebird, but the block heater was plugged in also. The only difference which told me it was very cold out was the extra noise my accessories made (either the alternator or the power steering makes a louder noise when initially started in extreme cold, but it goes away within a minute)
You wusses with the 0W's.... [Big Grin] Last year I was experimenting with M-1 15-50 at -21C. This year it's -23 Sat. 7:30AM with 10W-60. Much better with the 10W-60... Although I dread to see what happens if it's colder. Don't think I'll be taking road trips to QU or AB...I read -38 in certain parts....even in Sudbury last night.
My trusty 200k civic cranked over okay albiet slowly and fired up second try with -26F temp the other night while in northern NH with a stonecold motor. Using 5W30 dino oil..
We always whine. Remember the snow storm a couple years ago? The army had to come in to dig us out.
[Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Big Grin]
Originally posted by Patman:
Originally posted by hkkc: Patman, you using GC 0W30?
This should answer your question:  -

Patman, you are a GC supplier. [Happy] Willing to sell to the public? [Wink]
Nope, that stash is all mine! [Smile] I still have this fear that they are going to take it away from us, which is why I'm keeping so much of it on hand.
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