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Jun 7, 2005
How do I identify Group III oils? I am currently using Mobil Clean 7500 and understand that is about 2/3 to 3/4 Group III oil with about 1/5 to 1/4 PAO. I want to use Group III oil, and I think Castrol Syntec is Group III but that is the same price as Mobil 1 SS, and Valvoline synthetic is about the same price. Is there any group III oil that costs less than Castrol Syntec or Valvoline sythetic?
You're right, it sure won't tell on the label!!! I try to do it by elimination - Amsoil, Mobil 1, German Castrol, and maybe the Canadian Esso stuff & Mogul(?), are higher level PAOs; the Pennzoil Platinum is a "PAO-like" EOP; and the rest I take as Group III, unless someone says otherwise. There is a pricey PAO MotrLube, or something spelled like that, available on its own website. The synthetic Group III Wal-Mart Supertech sells for $12.88 (or $11.88 on sale) for a 5 qt. jug. Rotella synthetic is $14.88 a gallon, also at WM, and both appear to be liked by members of BITOG. Everytime I've checked Syntec or Valvoline, they are priced too close to Mobil 1 for me to take a III over a PAO. The Platinum is now $3.97/qt. and an EOP is supposed to be "right there" with the PAOs. IMHO, the Platinum additive pack may make it as good or better as the PAOs, but we're all looking at the UOAs as they come in for our individual verdicts.
I am currently using Mobil Clean 7500 and understand that is about 2/3 to 3/4 Group III oil with about 1/5 to 1/4 PAO.
Maybe the 5w-20... but I doubt the other weights. Really, I would like to see proof that 7500 has any Group III. I always assumed it had around 75-80% group II and the rest PAO.
Among isomerized base oils, the line only blurs between so-called Group II+ and Group III base stocks. Even at that, the quality difference of "regular" Group II base oils is still a sea change improvement over solvent de-waxed Group I base oils.
The following link is the first ever UOA I've ever done. I used Mobil Clean 7500 and had very good results.;f=3;t=003354 Mobil Clean 7500 is approx $3.09-$3.29 per quart. I'm wondering if I could as well with something that maybe costs perhaps $2-2.5 per quart. My train of thought was that a Group III oil would yield similar results. If some Group II or II+ could do better than Group III, which ones are Group II and II+ and which are the better ones in 10W-30? Before that run with Mobil Clean 7500, I used Castrol GTX 5W-30 and changed it out every 3000-3500 miles.
Don't get hung up on the ingredients. Look at the results. Lower quality Group III products have no advantage over a top quality Group II or II+. Ken
ekincam - some thought the numbers you showed on the UOA at 4400 miles on the Toyota were outstanding. (indeed, some of the recent base dino UOAs are putting out numbers as good as Mobil 1). looks like your blend is one of those. so, how do you expect to do any better? perhaps your question is primarily directed to the cost of the Mobil? if its the cost, "they" also suggested running the 7500 mile Mobil, well, more than 4400 miles. personally, i don't think i would change motor oil if i got a UOA like you did. not to a blend synthetic or even a full synthetic. anyway, some on here, believe the Pennzoil with PureBase is a Group II+ ($1.73/qt at Wal-Mart). its corporate twin, QS, is suppose to be a Group II. i don't know about others as II+. the Pennzoil UOAs have been v. good, although there have been very good recent Exxon's SuperFlo, Castrol's, etc., and makes one wonder if every major brand dino motor oil is pretty good.
^ I'm know that I had a very good UOA from the comments in the other thread. The only reason I even had Mobil Clean 7500 was because it was on sale for $1.99/qt at Kragen and I decided to try it. This was back around when it first showed up in stores and I I bought 4 qts. I had used it only after I exhausted my supply of Castrol GTX. My concern was whether or not a less expensive oil could yield similar results. The normal price of the oil is $3.29/qt and I cannot find it at Walmart. They have the 5000 and the Supersyn only IIRC.
I hear, uh, read you. I haven't seen it at my Wal-Mart either. I've been buying the Pennzoil Platinum (EOP) case of 6 qts at Pep Boys with $15 rebate, so <$2 quart. But can't do that often. The yellow bottle Group II+ Pennzoil has produced very fine UOAs, and it's $0.46/qt. from Pep Boys with all rebates per case of 12. The TropArtic synthetic blend is available in 10W-30, at least at my Wal-Mart for $1.48/qt. A number of BITOGers think that it is a superior oil, esp. at that price. Finally, a growing number here think the Havoline/Chevron dino is just the best, with good doses of Moly, and <$2/qt. Hope others here can tell us what other II+ oils there are, besides the Pennzoil.
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