group III oil for 1st oil change?

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Oct 9, 2002
im coming up on 2000 miles on my honda civic ex 2002, and ill prolly be changing my oil in mid december when it reaches almost 5000 miles. My question is can i use a group 3 oil(amsoil xl 7500 5w20) without having to worry about any leaks or should i just use regular dino oil? My plan is i want to switch over to mobil 1 5w30 or if they come out with a 5w20 at 15000 miles. I just want to know if amsoils group 3 would be a good oil for a 1st oil change. [I dont know]
Why would a groupIII oil cause leaks in your new car? The AMSOIL 5w-20 is not a bad choice at all. It's expensive, but we 20-weight users don't have much choice in the groupIII or IV and V oils. Mobil 1 will intoduce a 0w-20 early next year that I'm looking forward to trying. Why not go with the M1 5w-30 at 5kmi? It's almost the same viscosity as the XL7500 5w-20, has better basestocks, and is much cheaper?
bc i wanna make sure the car is fully broken in b4 i use any pao in my engine. Ill prolly switch over to a pao(mobil 1 5w30) after i hit 10000 miles. I just want to make sure everything gets broken in right.
Why not just stick with dino oil right up until you feel it's broken in, and then go straight to a PAO based synthetic? Why waste your money on group 3 oil, which is just overpriced dino oil basically.
For what it's worth I changed to Red Line 10W30 in my '03 Corolla @ 1000 miles. From day one till now (2500 miles) it has consumed zero oil.
Originally posted by Chris: Must you leave it in for 5,000 miles? I would not be able to sleep! [Mad]
Honda strongly recommends keeping the factory-fill break-in oil till the first regularly scheduled change which is 5kmi to 10kmi depending on driving conditions. I changed mine at 5kmi and sweated it the whole way. An oil analysis showed that I need not have worried. The oil held up very well and could have gone further.
yep, thats exactly what im doing with my honda civic ex. im just keeping the break-in oil to 5000 miles, then ill change it and ill prolly use amsoil 5w20 for the next oil change, then at 10000, ill prolly switch over to mobil 1. I just wanna stay with a good 5w20 group III until i decide its time to use a pao(mobil 1 5w30). And are they gonna come out with mobil 1 5w20? i would really hope they would bc id like to keep my mileage and protection(well better protection) the same.
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