Group III better than PAO says Chevron...

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May 31, 2002
St. Charles County, Missouri

"In this paper we take a look at the feed and product from Chevron's Richmond Lube Oil Plant
during a Group III production block. Our analysis shows that as the feed molecules pass through
the three catalytic steps of lube manufacture, virtually all are rearranged or altered in some way.

The extensive chemical processing steps involved have resulted in a product that is essentially
different chemically than the raw material. Therefore, they justifiably can be considered to be synthetic.

Beyond the issue of the definition of synthetic, base oil customers also typically look for high
performance in these types of lubricant components. When properly designed, these Group III oils, particularly the newer Group III base oils made via all-hydroprocessing routes, can match or exceed the most critical performance characteristics of PAO. This includes viscosity index, Cold-Cranking Simulator viscosity, Noack volatility, and oxidation stability. We show data to demonstrate such performance."

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