Group I base oils-are they on their way out ?

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Sep 11, 2002
As I read more about NOAK ,Oxidation stability and the ability to stay in grade all along with the newest 5/20 Mineral oils all being a group III and or a group III and II mix are the group I base oils for all intents and purposes going out the door in the wave of the future and the demands placed on these newer engines and specs for oils ? Or will they be held in reserve for the older motors pre GF-4 for example ? [ December 28, 2002, 09:44 PM: Message edited by: L8274 ]
I think there will always be some Group I production because there will always be some lubricants that can be effectively blended without using Group II and Group III. For example, I don't think a straight 30 wt SL oil requires Group II. If you look at the 30 wt Pennzoil bottles, "PureBase" is conspicuously absent from the label. Also, many companies continue to blend in some Group I for solvency purposes, even in their top tier oils. For example, the Rotella T Syn that I use has up to 3% Group I in the blend. Helix Ultra 5w40 has up to 30% Group I blended in (along with up to 3% Group V). But, when it comes to standard multi-weight oils like 5w30, etc., I'd say it is safe to say that Group I is pretty much dead.
Schaeffers currently use a modified group I for the majority of their mineral base oils. Haven't heard anything along those lines as of yet, but I don't know it all either!. [Big Grin] At least not yet [Big Grin] [Big Grin]
Originally posted by Patman: Isn't Mobil's Drive Clean oil all group 1 base though?
This seems to be a persistent rumor that I'd like to see documented. Given that Mobil has invested considerable sums into its own hydrocracking and isodewaxing facilities, I doubt if they are continuing to use only Group I in their conventional oils. Plus, the most cost effective way to meet GF-3 is with Group II oils.
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