group 1, 2 , 3...4?

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Sep 14, 2002
can someone simplify these groups of oils...i am confused..i use a mobil drive clean and i heard its group 1...what are the benifits of each group...o and if u will be nice just give an example of a type from each category..? thanks!!
In terms of definition, the solvent-extracted mineral base stocks are classified as Group I, for basically untreated mineral base oil; a Group II lubricant is subjected to a severe hydrotreating which gets rid of most of the unsaturated molecules and makes the oil much more stable. A further hydrotreating creates a more refined Group III stock with a higher viscosity index (VI). The pure synthetic PAO oil is Group IV, and all the other lubricant stocks not covered by these classifications are in Group V.
by Steve Sturgess and Rolf Lockwood
can u give a example of each group, like penzoil, castrol, mobil drive clean...i really appreciate it

btw i know im in a few more forums with this same question, sorrie it slipped my small mind =)
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