GREEN: great, good, or games?

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Jan 29, 2006
I am a new member and have already become dazed and confused. Is GC Green worth a premium($$) or is it just a good oil that has become fun. I have found GC green on shelves all over the apalachian region. It is mostly in small towns and is usually covered in dust. I know it's not logical, but 0W oils just aren't going to move off the shelves in these hills. In these parts, people are adding Lucas, STP, or CD-2 to 20W-50. Heck, my dad still has a stash of Al Unser's QMI-branded teflon. If someone really wants GC green and wants to pay for it, I bet I can make a Tennessee/Kentucky/Virginia road trip and fill your orders. I think that we have more AutoZones than WalMarts (many were AutoShacks). Is the Green thread just good fun or is this thread a way for me to retire early (ha). Fun or serious, I have learned alot. Thanks guys.
Funny post! My fiance is from the hills of TN and I always love going to visit her family. The people sure are different and mostly in a good way. Yes, Green GC has highly advanced PAO and esters derived from PAO for basestocks. Meets all kinds of spiffy specs, and gives good results for so many engines. It just happens to be fun to pretend that Elves in the Black Forests of Germany brewed this concoction. Actually, Green GC was/is sold for less than it could have been.
Is GC Green worth a premium($$) or is it just a good oil that has become fun.
A premium??? GC is a bargain, especially when it goes on sale at $3.99
I agree that GC green has a fair market value as priced on the shelf. It may even be a bargain at $3.99. But, and here is the real question, is it worth a premium? Are there Elf worshipers that would want to pay for someone to replenish their ever-dwindling supply of GC GREEN? I noticed in another thread that someone is trying to sell 13 quarts of vintage GREEN. If he eventually finds a taker, maybe I should start harvesting my own GC Green from the local forests of the Smokey Mountains.
GMorg, The Elves are a bit dismayed that you had to ask this question. Trust me, it is worth it's weight in........Green. PS It is not just a coincidence that "Green" and "Great" have the same number of letters.
A "measured response"...very wise [Cheers!] (Of course, even with a measured response you can still end up with 223 quarts...don't ask me how I know [Wink] )
Since the Gold is a slightly different formula - the color should be different too, something other than green. How about a bright blue?
vad, Sorry but I draw the line at bright blue least, I think I draw the line at bright blue oil..................................................................BBC (Bright Blue Castrol) does have a nice ring to it...and all sorts of international connotations...and you KNOW we all want international all DO want some international connotations...don't you?
I have concluded that GC Green is like toilet paper. My grandmother used to by massive quantities of toilet paper when is was on sale because she new she would eventually use it. Stock-piling GC green must be like that- if it is on sale and you will eventually use it, buy some. I am curious if one could use BITOG to make a map of where the green stuff still lurks. I suppose that one day a BITOGer will be able to get a chuckle when they happen upon one of the long lost bottles of green. Given the inventory methods apparently used at AZ, I am sure this will happen.
Hey that is pretty cool!, Think it would mix well and be non reactive in the oil? We could have our own green back....
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