Green GC is Co Spgs?

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Mar 2, 2004
Okay I've noticed there are several members who are from Colorado Springs... To save me some hassle, is the Autozone stocks of Green GC all gone (I'm sure one of you have made the run for it)? There's three Autozone's in town that I know of (8th St, Austin Bluffs & Sferd, Palmer Park & Powers, ..?) Is there still a possibility of this stuff still existing here in town? I'd like to run the green GC this winter on my '01 Jetta VR6 and see how the UOA compares to the BC that I'm running now.
There was Green at the Autozone on South Academy and the one on Austin Bluffs probably a couple of months ago...and at the one on Powers more recently than that...all depends on how many Greenheads have been on the prowl. It has been pretty much Golden at the 8th St store...there might be Green W_A_Y in the back of the stack. There was NO GC in cases in the back of the store as of the 12th of was all out on display.
I swept up 39 quarts visiting all the autozones in the springs last week. there's one on palmer park/powers, boulder/platte, south academy (near airport rd if i recall, down by bally fitness and 4wheelparts), and the austin bluffs store- and if you are in the mood (I was) there is one down in widefield on 85/87. that's a total of 5 zones, I hit em all last week... been meaning to go back to a few and see if any restock of greens has taken place... I may very well have swept up the last that the springs market will see... i'm crossing my fingers that some more will show up. PS: sorry. [edit] wait, forgot about the 8th street store- I haven't gone over to that one (yet). hehe.
Green or Gold?...all I have seen is Gold there in past weeks...we need coordinate our buying to keep the automated order system happy (you know every so often it gets a "hit" and stays happy)....need to hit different stores so they get reorders. Solid strategy...that's what it takes to win this war. So buck up there soldier. [Roll Eyes] I'm anxious to see the first bottle with 229.5 on the's all true.
Okay whenever somebody sees Green GC, they need to let me know...! I'm helping the BITOG community because I'm comparing BC against GC Green (if I can get my hands on some).. So if somebody sees Green GC in the Springs area--- Let me know; don't buy it all!! I really want to draw the comparison between Belgium Castrol and GC in a VW VR6 (HOT running engine in a both cold & hot climate). Nobody has some clear results on how BC compares to the others. I'd like to know. Like posted earlier I'm trying to avoid the 30mi round trip from Autozone to Autzone trying to find this "green elixer". The Belgium Castrol is already in my car (on a hunch, I've used M1 exclusively till now), I need the GC to compare it to.
I have to search through the stocks... remember... because it's on the top shelf, they load from the front even in stores with a back-loader system... There were a bunch of golds in front hiding the greens- which has been the case almost everywhere I have gone.
Just take the bottles off the shelf from the front, one by one until you check every single one of them. It never hurts to ask the clerks to check for more GC in the back room. Often they'll just tell to go ahead and do it yourself. Just don't stay over there for too long. Then they might get suspicious. [Wink]
So far I'm 0 for 4, the only store I haven't checked is the 8th street location. The only stocks I've found were M0502, M0507, and the yellow-labeled USA variant.
i've returned to some of the locations since my "hunt" 2 weeks ago. I haven't seen any return to the shelves... Check the south academy location though..... cause.. when I "cleaned em out"... I didn't ask if they had any in back or anything... every bottle out on the display was greeeen (17 quarts). So I would assume they would have restocked their shelf by now... and it's possible they may have restocked it with green, never know.
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