Great Deal on Exxon Gear Oil

Nov 28, 2004
Okay, so I don't get too many great deals around here on oils (except bulk XD-3 synthetics), but today I dropped back at the local Peterbilt dealership where they sell gear oil in whatever amounts you want. I was in there a while ago inquiring about Mobil 1 75w-90 for my bike's final drive (shaft). They had it at $7.50 or so per litre. When my Dakota was serviced a few weeks ago they checked the diff's and found out that the oil needed to be changed out due to some condensation. I went back there today to get six or so litres of the Mobil 1. They said that it is listed as Exxon oil but that the wholesailer informed them that it was the same as Mobil 1. Anyway, I got it at $3.99 per litre. What a great deal. The truck has never had it so good... John.