Grease on Manual transmission shifter that is compatible with/safe in a manual transmission?

Aug 27, 2003
The Miata Manual transmission has what is often refereed to as a Shift turret, it is a nominally separate sump from the rest of the transmission the lower half of which is filled with GL4 gear oil same as the transmission, in this same chamber are two pivot balls that are coated with grease, Mazda says to grease it but does not specify what grease to use.

My over time a good portion of this turret grease is going to get mixed into the gear oil within the turret, in that shift turret we only have short slow motion when shifts are preformed, and the load is light (1 lazy human-power) I don't think this mixing within the turret itself is much of a concern, what I do not know how good of a seal there is between this and the rest of the transmission. it is feasible to think some of this washed out grease could wind up in the main part of the transmission moving along the shift fork shafts. I am thinking something with a clay thickener is not something I want between my gears.

Perhaps something like petroleum jelly? I have seen it recommended as O-ring lube in several critical systems as it dissolves fairly cleanly into oil/Jet A/shock strut fluid, but not sure what petroleum jellies long term durability is. O-ring lube is just assembly lube, after assembly we use the systems fluid for lubrication.

what would you use here and why?


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Sounds like a good place for a tube of that white lithium grease. Probably anything NGLI #1 would be fine, like that used in CV joints.