Grease for DMS coilovers

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Apr 16, 2009
West TN
I'm about to service my suspension and I was wondering if anyone had an alternative grease as opposed to the DMS grease. It's fairly expensive at $90 a pack (which is enough for two coilovers).
Where abouts on the strut ?

If just the spring perches, I'd use a good calcium sulphonate thickened grease (marine grease) on the threads as it resists water washout well and resists rust of the body threads.

If on the main body bushes, I have no idea what their grease may be, but I'd be looking at probably a calcium sulphonate complex grease with 3-5% moly, something like one of CAT's heavy machinery greases, particularly their 'Desert Gold' grease which uses a synthetic base oil and is formulated for high temps/high loads. (there can be very high bending loads on an inverted strut body and I'm guessing the damper body runs in a DU bush inside the lower strut ?? )

$90 is a lot of moolah for a small amount of grease
Sorry, it's for inside the strut body between the teflon bushings. I'll look into the CAT "Desert Gold Grease, thanks!
MoS2 mightn't be the best thing to use with PTFE, hopefully someone like Bruce or Mola can chime in here.

Perhaps something like Redlines CV2 which uses a soluble moly for load carrying ?
MoS2 and PTFE are quite compatible. In fact, I've seen some modern bushings formulated with both compounds together.
I've been wondering if Redline CV-2 would work, or Amsoil GHB. I picked up a tub of valvoline syn-power but I'm not sure if I should use that.

I do have enough of the factory DMS grease to service everything one time, but I would like to find a less expensive alternative.

Is there any place to order the CAT Desert Gold online? It seems that the only place to obtain it is to get it from a CAT dealer.
Thanks! I called my local CAT dealer and ordered a tube.

Any other suggestions or comments or recommendations?
That's what I've found out also. I have not been able to find out more details about the grease itself. It's stated as 100% synthetic, but no info on what kind of base nor additives. I'm just wondering if it would be safe to use with the PTFE bushings.

I just found this site with some more info:

Looks like good stuff. Considering it's 3x as expensive as the valvoline synpower, I really don't have a problem purchasing it as it's still far less expensive than the DMS grease.
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Neo is excellent, the base oil is generally di-ester.
I used their products fifteen years ago when racing and at the time their wheel bearing and CV joint greases were superior to anything else on the market for race use.
Originally Posted By: Kestas
MoS2 and PTFE are quite compatible. In fact, I've seen some modern bushings formulated with both compounds together.

Thanks Kestas.
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