grease/carbon clean up, FP or LC????

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Dec 13, 2002
North Carolina
Ok this is seriously off the wall. Our cooking skillets all look like [censored] because we use the anti stick spray Pam. Well if you don't clean it off 100% when your done it builds up and makes the pans look like [censored]. I was able to get it off some with a serious amount of elbow grease and cleanser but what a major pain in the butt. I was wondering if I put some FP or LC on a rag and let it soak on the pans if it would soften that mess and take it off. Anyone try it? Since FP and LC are good carbon cleaners I wonder if they would work on baked on Pam? Any thoughts?
sounds like a great idea as long as you don't want to cook with them any longer. Do you really want to eat off of something you soaked with carcinogenic chemicals? Have you stopped using Pam? I switched to using cooking oil and haven't looked back.
Simple green will not touch it. This stuff is some tuff stuff. Switching to cooking oil, yea don't think that will happen, not convenient enough.
Use powerfoam, but I would only use it for melting down lead sinkers after that! Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons aren't your friend in the frying pan. Try some non-toxic hand cleaner.
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