Grand Marquis tire choices 225/60R17

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Oct 12, 2017
Hey there peoples. I'm looking to bounce some options off some of you guys and see if anyone has had any experience with a few of my (already limited) options for a replacement set of 225/60R17's. Currently, I have 3 worn Cooper CS4's (they've been just ok - traction control kicks in way too much when taking off though) and 1 continental truecontact that was a road hazard replacement a couple months ago - surprised I got ANYTHING free out of pepboys (and have since learned to not go there for anything but parts). So right now I am leaning pretty heavily toward Sams club because of the free installation (and 3yr road hazard) promo this weekend, or at the very least simple, cheap all-in price. I have to call tomorrow and see exactly what brands the promo extends to and if they'd honor it on just 3 tires (fingers crossed). No matter what tires I buy, they're going to have to be ordered because they don't stock any 225/60-17 passenger tires at my local store - just a few sets of SUV and snow tires. So my options are below - also, I should preface this by saying I'm one poor SoB. I like to work hard, I just can't always do it as much as I like and recurring health issues prevent me from really getting into a strong steady career path.... so no, I'm not buying top of the line, but I also don't want 20K mile junker tires either. 1. Buy 3 more Continental truecontact's (which are a 99H 90K mile ecoplus tire and pretty highly rated) @ $133.98 each and HOPE they'll toss me free install, otherwise $45 extra ($426.05 or $471.05 OTD) 2. They've got Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus (99T and 90k warranty, but there's complaints of not being a low rolling resistance tire) @ $112.18 each, AND $80 off a set of 4, so I'd be looking at $395.64 OTD for a set of 4 and have the extra truecontact to either sell on CL or find a rim for a full size spare (not that I necessarily want that in my trunk) 3. and of course, general altimax RT43s in a 99T or H flavor for $111-113 each, possibly plus install. but if I'm considering the RT43's than that would also put Goodyear Assurance allseasons ($386 OTD) and Kumho Solus TA11's @ $373-$440 installed. 4. I guess, there's also the goodyear assurance fuelmax's as well, but I'm not spending over $500 on standard passenger car tires again - I learned my lesson, first with outrageously overpriced Michelin Defenders, and then with the Cooper CS4's. Both are decent tires, but both delivered poorly on mileage and performed far worse when worn. well, I'm all ears... Thanks if you actually read through all that, and thanks even more if you respond! P.S. because i'm all over the place, a national or regional chain means a lot in case of warranty work, consequently, over/undersizing isn't really gonna fly as far as other cost-saving options go. Can I really afford tires right now? no - but that's what my credit cards are for.
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TL;DR - Pirelli P4 4season+ vs contintental truecontact vs RT43 vs others...
Of the tire you listed, I have had the P4, CS4 and RT43 and they were all good. The *P4 did quite well in the winter on a FWD Altima. And I loved these tires!!! *RT43 were awesome on an AWD Lexus *CS4 were great as well but for 3 seasons as I did not test'em in the snow. I may lean toward the RT43 on a RWD Grand Marquis in MI just for their winter traction(rating on TR/CR) since you didn't mention changing over to winter tires.
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Another vote for the RT43.
Yup, vote with your wallet (and they're good tires) to get 4 for the least price and have one left over....
OK - so I just got off the phone with Sams - they will honor the free install on any tire, any quantity. That being said, it's looking like the RT43's may be pricing themselves out. I could go with the 3 truecontacts (already have 1 with about 2K miles on it) for $426, or the Pirelli P4's, being the cheapest option altogether, and looking at pricing elsewhere, usually a more expensive tire. I'd love to try the RT43's but it's looking like the P4's coming in @ under $400 is the way I'm gonna have to go. When I spoke to the gentleman at the tire center, he said the P4's were a great tire for the vehicle. I'm still going to keep the newer truecontact that I have and probably sell it on CL, or if I can find a steelie cheap enough, mount it up for a spare. As far as winter tires go, I'm in southeast michigan, so we don't get nearly as much snow as out west and up north - I've never had any issues getting around, except when the snow was above my bumper. I also do about 6-8000 miles of mostly dry/plowed highways in the winter time, so I'd probably blow through snow tires pretty fast. It's a tough choice, as all three of those options seem to have great reviews with slight trade-offs in each category. I really would like to get the 3 truecontacts, but I'd rather have a straight full warranty (which I'd need all 4 tires purchased at the same time). Otherwise, the RT43's are seem to be the be-all-end-all tire of mid-range passenger tire of choice here and also come highly reviewed by others I know - but in this case, they'd end up being the most expensive, all-in with the warranty.
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I could go with the 3 truecontacts (already have 1 with about 2K miles on it) for $426,
I'd probably get 3 RT43s installed for $333 and save close to $100. The T rated ones get better winter weather ratings versus the higher speed rated versions. As a second choice I would get 1 new Truecontact and two new RT43s. smile
trouble is, eventually I will have mismatched tires on the rear. With a non-LS 2.73 rear end and 17" tires, it can get pretty annoying.
P4 in your case. As a side note: I was blown away by Goodyear Assurance Comfortread on the panthers. Yes, we hear left and right the blanket statements about GY, yet the latest Assurance line is well worth the premium. Their competition is clearly Micheline Premier (formerly Primacy line), not the budget ones. P4 is a safe bet for now, they are even pretty good on LTC, but it is a matter of time when new Chicom owners will start cutting corners
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As a side note: I was blown away by Goodyear Assurance Comfortread on the panthers.
Yes, very nice esp the Comfortreds which are an upgrade over the regular GY Assurance tire. My brother has them on his Camry and swears by them. They are very quiet and ride softer than most other tires out there. Can be a good deal when purchased with rebates going.
I' ve had the G/Y Assurance Comfort Tread as well and the too are a nice tire. I found the RT43(on the same vehicle) to be a better tire but not as quiet as the G/Y ACTs.
My buddy has the comfort treads in 16" on his CV - I really like the way they handle, but he got in on a crazy sale and double dipped on rebates. At the current price of $140ish each after rebate, it puts me into the $600+ territory I don't want to get into anymore. When I was looking for another Grand Marquis or Town Car, I didn't realize the 09+ models all got stuck with 17" tires, let alone how expensive they would be. I really miss $300 sets of tires on my '96. Looks like I'm going for the P4's - they've even got them in stock right now so I can pay tomorrow AM and have them installed Monday, my next day off. Thanks to everyone for the responses and recommendations! Again, the only issue I have with a staggered (brand, not size) setup is forgoing manufacturer warranty. I know you've got to jump through quite a few hoops to keep it, but it's paid off in the past on a bad batch of Kelly's that I had the misfortune of buying. I'd spend more if I felt I had to, but tires don't put a smile on my family's faces on christmas morning - and it doesn't help that my parents keep accidentally using my credit/debit cards when buying stuff on amazon (nothing like finding a $450+ surprise on your statement) - but that's what I get for sharing an account.
The CS5 is a very popular tire on here, and DT/DTD will have their Black Friday sale soon. DT will install tires from DTD for $16 each. Are you near a DT? If you're only using one set of tires year-round, consider the Toyo Celsius.
The CS5's where actually some of the first tires I started looking at - I like the idea of better treadwear and more, deeper siping over the cs4 design, but the numbers just weren't adding up. I could buy through DTD on BF, but if the past is any indication than I would basically get a $75 or $100 visa card over current price of $117 each, taking it to $368 before M&B. I can pick up a set of 4 on ebay for $432 right now, but add $60 to put em on. I actually would have gone with the CS5's if Pepboys didn't screw me over on my mileage warranty. I would have loved to have gotten 30-40% off a set. I've generally done pretty well in the winters with standard all-seasons. I usually have about 100lbs in the trunk of amps, a sub, and tools - in the winter I add 2 50lb bags of pea gravel (easier to vacuum than sand) and it gives me all the traction I need. then come spring I use the gravel to fill in low spots in the driveway. The only time I have trouble is if my car is bottoming out or pushing snow and at that point I don't think any winter tires would help unpack the snow from under my car. If it's that bad, I'll take the truck or call it a snow day. I will check out the Toyos though, thanks for the heads up!
Went in this morning and bought the P4's - $395.64 out the door. I searched high and low and it was the best bang for the buck I could (arguably) come up with. I get them installed on Monday - I'll be sure to be review them, as there's not a lot out their for this size and RWD configurations. With snow not too far away, I can get an idea of how I like them pretty early on. Sidenote - Glad I was leaning towards the P4's because despite what they told me over the phone, the only brands that were correctly ringing through with the discount were the goodyear and pirelli's and only in quantities of 4. There was a lot of confusion, frustration, and manual markdowns due to what I'd refer to as 'vaguely specific' wording in the ad... Took me about an hour to get through the line and 3 minutes to get prices on 3 different tires and then rang up and appointment set. I was behind the nicest older gentlemen - we chatted quite a bit, but when he got up to the counter I wanted to beat him to death with his own stupid shoes. Thanks again, everybody!
You will be pleased with Pirelli P4 longevity. They are the absolute champion on the panthers. In fact, if your alignment is in order and you rotate those every 5k miles, you will be amazed how much thread is left at 100k. Good hydroplaning resistance. Cannot comment on snow performance, in my climate water on the road is the main concern. Just don't try to corner on any tire in that car, even Towncar does that better. I also like Gabriel Max Control 77955 in the rear and 79900 in the front on my Marquis. Another good combo is Motorcraft Police shocks in the rear and KYB Gas-Adjust Police in the front - a bit softer combo. The front spring could kill me, so I paid for the front shock replacement to somebody who is properly equipped for the strut agony. There are no direct Bilstein replacements for 2003+ panthers at the moment.
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